Why Commercial Playground Equipment Is More Expensive Than Residential

Commercial Playground Equipment

When people think of Commercial Playground Equipment | Orca Coast Playground they usually picture the playgrounds at parks, schools and childcare centers. It’s a place where kids run, jump, climb, slide and swing, all while having fun. There’s more to outdoor playgrounds than just having fun though; they also provide children with an opportunity for healthy physical activity and social/emotional development.

The benefits of playgrounds are well documented by both child development experts and parents. Physically, playground equipment helps children become stronger and more confident by challenging them to overcome obstacles like monkey bars or climbing structures. Emotionally, children learn to communicate with their peers and interact with other children while exploring different equipment. Children develop problem solving skills as they figure out how to use equipment or how to overcome a difficult obstacle like a merry-go-round or spring riders.

Trends in Commercial Playground Equipment: Creating Innovative and Engaging Play Spaces

When it comes to playground safety, commercial equipment often exceeds residential equipment in terms of design & materials used. Commercial playground equipment is designed for a large number of children over an extended period of time so the equipment needs to be built on a much larger scale and be able to withstand rougher, more intense use than at-home play structures. This is why the quality of commercial equipment can be higher and more expensive than residential.

Other factors that increase the cost of commercial playground equipment include design/build considerations, safety testing & surfacing requirements. Unlike residential play structures, most commercial playgrounds are required to have a certain amount of surfacing beneath the equipment in order to meet ASTM & CPSC guidelines for shock absorbency. Additionally, many reputable suppliers offer maintenance plans that help keep the cost of maintaining the playground down over the long term.

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