Sports Relays For Kids and Parties

Royaltv01 races are fun for kids, and they make great party games. They can also help kids burn off energy and learn the value of teamwork. Some of these relays can be run indoors or in a fenced area outside, and most are able to be modified to fit any party theme.

For traditional 4×100 and 4×400 meter races, runners must remain in their assigned lanes at all times. Leaving your lane is considered a foul and can disqualify you from the race. Generally, the first leg is run in lanes by the second fastest runners of the team, followed by the third-fastest and then the final leg (also called the anchor). Occasionally, the final leg is selected by the fastest accelerator/starter, although this is not necessarily the best choice for most teams because it often leads to an unfavorable handoff or makes it difficult for the next runner to catch up to them.

The Role of Anchors: Understanding the Pressure of the Final Leg in Relays

Another variation on the standard running relay is a modified version known as “Stealing the Bacon.” In this game, players are grouped into teams of two. A caller puts a ball or object into the playing area and then calls out a number, letter or word to signal that the two players with that number should run to take the bacon. This teaches kids to be alert to what their teammates need from them and to move quickly to the task when it is called.

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