Why Instagram Operators Should Be Training in CNG and Digital Trade

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In this article I am going to talk about how the Instagram service can be used to boost your Australian operator career. Many people view Instagram as a site where you can “like” other people’s posts and add them to your own, but there are also a great many businesses that have seen great growth in the number of followers they have, and if you are looking to utilise the marketing potential of Instagram you need to be able to get the most from it. Unlike most social networking sites, Instagram has an added element of professionalism to it, as it is essentially a site where businesses can upload images related to their particular niche. If you are looking to make a name for yourself in this area and if you want to ensure that you tap into the marketing potential offered by Instagram then it makes sense for you to train your staff on the best practices to use within the app.

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The first thing that you need to think about is what type of images are appropriate to post on the site. If you run a digital trade business then you will find that the images you use on Instagram need to relate specifically to the products you sell, so if you are running a hardware store you might post images showing you staff using a 9mm cutter, or showing off one of your latest products that have been made by a particular supplier. If you are a jeweller, you might post images of you making special jewellery for someone. The key is that the images need to relate to the business that you are trying to promote, and that you are being clever with your use of imagery.


This is where the use of professional Instagram operator training can really pay dividends for you. If you are not sure as to whether you should be doing this, I would recommend that you look up Instagram and see how it works. There are apps available that will show you how the site works, and will help you determine whether or not it is something that is worth pursuing. There are also plenty of websites out there that will offer training in this area for those who are interested, and who are not quite sure whether or not they should be pursuing this career.

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