What Are Disc Workshops?

In the business world, every leader is constantly on the lookout for tools & techniques that can improve teamwork abilities, communication skills, self-awareness and productivity. One such tool that’s been around for centuries is the DISC theory, which recognizes personality patterns and styles.

How long is disc training?

A disc workshop is a customized, interactive experience that teaches participants the value of the Everything DiSC assessment and how to work with different personality types in the workplace. It’s a powerful, hands-on training that provides participants with the language of DISC, helping them to understand themselves and others better, and it can be delivered onsite or offsite.

Using a customized report that is specific to each participant, the workshop focuses on personal and professional growth through group activities, role-plays, frank discussions and ongoing personal action plans. Participants also receive the DISC profile for their own use, including their personalized Style Index showing a breakdown of the 12 DISC styles (D, I, S, C). More info

The disc assessment and workshop are often used by leadership teams as a means of getting everyone on the same page when it comes to working together effectively. Using the DISC profile helps team leaders understand what motivates their people, and how they communicate with them. It’s also a great tool for navigating committee settings where there are a mix of personalities present, and it can help to smooth over rough patches.

In addition, many DISC workshops include leadership coaching, enabling managers to become the in-house DISC experts for their teams. This approach enables teams to get the most value out of the assessment and workshop well after they have completed their own assessment.

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