Wall Paper Canada

Wall paper canada is not just decorative, but it can also provide a sense of privacy and warmth.

How many walls should I wallpaper?

Wall paper canada is the subject of a substantial body of literature that spans over seventy-five years. This article considers the main entities in a wallpaper enterprise: manufacturers, distributors and retailers (the trading network), and consumers. The emphasis placed on the last is not because they are considered to be of less importance, but rather that the societal value of wallpaper can only be fully understood through an examination of consumer practices and the pictorial evidence that reveals their idiosyncratic ways of using it.

Although wallpaper was relatively late in arriving in Canada, by the early 1890s domestic production had caught up with that of the U.S., which had been manufacturing wallpaper for at least a decade by this time. Nevertheless, Canadian manufacturers did not dominate the industry as their American counterparts did in the United States and elsewhere, for they struggled to compete against imports that were comparatively cheap due to protective tariffs.

To compete, the four major Canadian manufacturers staked out a practical middle ground. While they paid some attention to higher style decoration, they continued to target the low end of the market. Their success in doing so may have something to do with the fact that they made their wallpapers in North America, which lowered transportation costs and allowed them to sell at lower prices than their European competitors could.

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