The Difference Between a Weed Store and a Liquor Store

What’s the difference between walking into a neighborhood weed store and storefronts designed to cater to an adult clientele? You may be surprised to find out the answer to that question is quite a bit different. Unlike your average liquor store, marijuana clinics like to ensure that a potential customer is of legal age prior to them ever walk into the store. The reasoning behind this is simple: the person could end up purchasing a controlled substance if they are too young to purchase it legally.

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While some may view this as paternalistic, it is important to note that these clinics do not want to put themselves in a position of not having sufficient licensing and regulation in place. That being said, it is not unusual for someone to enter a cannabis dispensary without having all of the requisite qualifications to purchase marijuana from the shop. It is also possible for someone who has a valid card to enter without having the proper authorization.

In the past, liquor stores and marijuana dispensaries used to go through a scheduling process that consisted of bartenders coming to a store at random and making random purchases. However, with today’s state legislation, licensed marijuana clinics and liquor stores no longer have the option of randomly placing someone inside their establishment. Instead, they must perform background checks on each of their new clients. Additionally, bartenders must undergo fingerprinting and undergo numerous other security clearance processes in order to work within a licensed marijuana dispensary. While the laws currently in place on marijuana transactions are much more strict than those placed on alcohol sales, it is still considered to be a controlled substance, which is to be handled with care by licensed professionals.

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