Nike Credit Rewards

With an expansive presence in almost every country on the planet, Nike’s athletic shoes and sportswear are synonymous with fitness. However, the brand is more than just a footwear and apparel company, with a robust e-commerce operation that includes its own credit card, which provides members with special financing options and rewards.Read more :

How do I use my Nike rewards?

The branded Nike credit card offers members 3% cash back on purchases, which is above the industry average and makes it easier for customers to earn rewards in multiple ways (both online and in-store). Additionally, with the ability to scan any product barcode with the app, users can easily find the size they need in stores. And, by “hearting” favorite styles in the app, members can receive birthday rewards in-store and online.

Exclusivity: 79% of Nike consumers say that special incentives are a major reason why they stick with the brand. Nike uses this psychology by providing their loyalty scheme with tiers that give members top-shelf perks not available to others. This may include surprises on their birthday or membership anniversaries with gifts and personal addressing that makes them feel unique. Another way that Nike bolsters exclusivity is by limiting access to products based on the tier they are in.

For example, if someone is in the lowest loyalty tier, they only have access to Nike x Air Jordans that are not available to anyone else. By creating a limited number of exclusive products, the brand is able to create buzz and instill customer loyalty.

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