How to Style Leggings


Lefgings have become a go-to wardrobe item for many women because they’re comfortable, stretchy and fit snugly against the body to create a flattering and slimming look. They can be dressed up with a blazer or tunic and boots or taken down to weekend wear with sneakers and a bag. A good pair of leggings can also work for many workplaces, if you’re careful to choose dark colors and avoid overly-sparkly designs or prints.

If you want to take your up a notch, add a sweater and long cardigan that creates vertical lines that help to elongate the legs. A denim or moto jacket is an excellent choice as well, adding an edge to the look. Some people have antiquated viewpoints about wearing leggings in public, but if you’re careful about choosing a high-quality pair of lefgings and pairing them with longer tops, you can achieve an elegant yet comfortable style that looks great.

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When choosing leggings, it’s best to avoid the cheapest options because they often lose their shape or color after a few washes and can become scandalously see-through. The Girlfriend Collective leggings are a great midrange option that have stood up to repeated washings without pilling or fading.

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