Understanding Window Tinting Laws

Window Tinting Laws differ from State to State. This is because the Federal Government controls the printing and distribution of these laws. States also decide if they want to use the metric system or the American System of measurement. Some States like New York and California use the metric system while others prefer the American system. However, there are many places that have both systems.

Automotive Window Tinting Laws

The main difference between Federal and State Government regulations is the definition of “wide window”. For decades this law did not change the laws for window tinting on automobiles. However, laws on the books since the 1980’s have specified that light tinting on front and back-view windows is permissible, however, can tint more than thirty percent of the light passing through. Only cars that are manufactured with a window that can be tinted are able to pass this test. In other words, any automobile that does not contain a door Tinted Window Laws that can be tinted can not have its windows tinted.

Another significant difference between Federal and State Government regulations is the testing requirements. Both require an annual inspection of a vehicle’s glass. However, the Federal Government requires that the vehicle be inspected every one to three years whereas the State requirement is every four to five years. The advantage to passing the annual inspection test is that it increases the vehicle’s safety and decreases the likelihood of the vehicle needing its services.

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