Tips For Tree Trimming and Pruning

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming and pruning are crucial tasks for your property. Not only will it increase the health and appearance of your tree, it will also prevent it from becoming overgrown and may damage the structure of the tree. Tree pruning is the removal of dead or dying branches, which can obstruct the view of drivers. In addition, improper tree pruning can also lead to tree limbs growing too close to utility lines. If you don’t prune tree Service properly, they could fall and cause an accident.

Tree Pruning Is The Removal Of Dead Or Dying Branches

Before starting a tree trimming project, determine the extent of trimming you want to perform. Remember not to remove more than 25 percent or ten percent of the tree. Trimming can also stimulate the growth of sparse areas in the tree and restrict unwanted growth. Moreover, pruning can increase the lifespan of a tree. Hence, it is best to spread the trimming work over several years. Here are some helpful tips:

When pruning trees, the first step is to cut off suckers from the bottom of the tree. Next, remove any dead, damaged, or weak branches that are rubbing on the trunk. After that, cut off all the branches that rub together. Aim for a ratio of two-thirds of living crown to total height. When pruning trees, remember that removing too much of a branch will weaken the tree. Therefore, make sure to hire a professional tree trimming company.

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