The Wayne Chevy – A Tribute to John Wayne

wayne chevy

The wayne chevy is the ultimate tribute to one of America’s greatest icons. This unique truck sculpture is expertly hand-crafted from fender to fender and painted with a bright red, high-gloss showroom finish that transforms the truck into a canvas for stunning full-color scenes of John Wayne in some of his most iconic roles. Gleaming vacuum-plated chrome accents and official emblems and graphics complete this handsome presentation. It is the perfect addition to any Western decor and makes a great gift for any fan of this American icon.

Wayne first bought this Camaro back in its street / strip hot rod days and used to race it at drag strips around the Northeast. It was jacked up with fat Mickey Thompson tires out back and skinny ones up front, giving the Camaro its classic drag racing look.

Wayne’s World: Delving into the Chevy Scene

He says that although he’s never had it on a dyno, he knows the big block is putting down well over 600hp on pump gas. An AOD handles the power, and a set of 4.56 gears shifts it. A Be Cool aluminum radiator keeps the engine bay cool, and a new 950 cfm Gary Williams carburetor adds some extra punch.

Back when he was working as a mechanical engineer at Lockheed Aircraft, Wayne Horning designed the 12 port head for Chevrolet’s big-blocks. But like many other hot rodders, he was interrupted by World War II. After the war, he rejoined his friend Jim Borger at their foundry in So. Calif, and formed “Western Mechanical Development Company.”

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