The Best Digital Wayfinding Solution for Colleges & Universities

The Best Digital Wayfinding Solution for Colleges & Universities

Best Digital Wayfinding Solution for Colleges & Universities  can feel daunting to anyone, let alone students in their first year, parents visiting on open days or prospective students touring with a tour guide. Navigating between buildings, finding a lecture hall or restaurant can be overwhelming without clear guidance. That’s where digital wayfinding comes in.

Using mapping SDKs like Mappedin, colleges can create custom wayfinding experiences that make it easy for students, families and visitors to navigate. Using interactive maps and indoor positioning technology, users can simply tap on destinations to get instant directions. Language options can be made available, and the system will display ADA accessible routes as well.

Navigating Campus: Finding the Best Digital Wayfinding Solution for Colleges & Universities

Digital signage is also an effective communication tool for colleges, providing at-a-glance information about campus services and upcoming events. The content can be updated as often as necessary, making it more proactive than traditional signage and maps. And because it’s easily viewed on smartphones, users can keep up with real-time updates, even when they’re offline.

In addition, the ability to display multiple points of interest allows campuses to highlight special places on their maps. These could be landmarks, monuments or plaques that are of significance to the school or other notable sites. This is a great way to promote school pride and boost morale, as well as encourage people to visit the campus more. This can also help with brand awareness, boosting engagement and helping the school achieve its goals of inclusivity and accessibility.

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