How To Find A Chiropractor In Dandenong Australia

chiropractor in Dandenong

In the eastern part of Australia, which is known as Dandenong Ranges, there is a small community called Dandenong. It is not far from Melbourne and is just an hour’s drive away on the main road into Melbourne. The majority of the chiropractors in Dandenong are based there because it is close to all the major cities including Melbourne, Perth, Hobart and Adelaide. This makes it very convenient for patients that are traveling from other areas in Australia or those that just want to get a quick visit. Most of the chiropractors in Dandenong offer a full range of services including adjustment of the spine, soft tissue problems, sports injuries and emotional health issues.


There are many chiropractors in Dandenong that offer full body adjustments and manual therapies as well. If you are looking for a chiropractor in Dandenong that can perform a manual therapy like massage or acupressure, you will find that there are several chiropractors that do this. They also specialize in treating low back pain, arthritis and migraine headaches. If you have a sinus problem, you can also use their services for this as well.


It is important to go to a chiropractor that is a member of the Royal Australian Chiropractic Society. This way you can be sure they are following the highest standards of chiropractics. They should also be certified by the Royal College of Chiropractic. A chiropractor in Dandenong that is also certified by the College of Chiropractic in Australia is highly regarded in their field. This is why you should take the time to check out the chiropractor’s credentials before you allow them to treatment you.

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