Crime Scene Cleanup

crime scene cleanup

Crime scene cleanup, also known as bio-recovery or biohazard remediation, is a type of cleaning service that removes hazardous pathogens and materials following a traumatic event such as a violent crime, meth lab, or unattended death discovery. Crime scene cleaning is a highly technical job that requires training and specialized skills. However, the position does not require a college degree and many crime scene cleaning companies provide certifications and training for those interested in the field.

The work is messy, smelly, and often emotionally draining, but professionals must clean up these scenes as soon as possible to ensure the general public’s safety. Without immediate, thorough cleanup, victims can suffer health issues for months or even years after the crime or accident occurs. Crime scene cleaners are also tasked with the responsibility of disposing of all items that may have come into contact with blood or body fluids. This can include furniture, carpets, wallboard and other materials that are contaminated with potential pathogens.

Behind the Tape: Understanding Crime Scene Cleanup Procedures

To succeed in this challenging, but important, career, workers must be physically fit and able to wear various personal protective equipment including suits, gloves, eye protection, and respirators. They must also be compassionate towards the surviving family members and other people who are enduring the loss of someone they love. In addition, it is recommended that those in this profession have a therapist or support group available when they need to talk through the emotional impact of their work.

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