The Best Workout Wear For Women

workout wear for women

Putting thought into what you wear to work out helps motivate you to actually hit the workout wear for women and practice healthy habits, says fitness expert Massy Arias. And while there are hundreds of workout brands to shop from, the best ones prioritize “functionality, performance and style,” she explains. This means you’ll find clothes that feel comfortable and are good for your body. For example, higher-impact activities like HIIT require supportive sports bras while low-impact movements, like yoga, demand soft fabrics that move with you.

When it comes to stylish workout gear, Lululemon is a brand that never fails. Its buttery-soft, high-performance fabrics fit well and flatter most figures and last a long time (especially with frequent washes). Plus, it designs its clothing for people of all shapes and sizes, including women of color, with a range of different styles like joggers and running tops that can be worn as casual tees when you’re off the treadmill.

Fashionably Fit: Trendy and Functional Workout Wear for Women on the Move

Another great option is Nike. It has an extensive range of shoes for every sport you can imagine, and its workout clothing is just as innovative with features like seams that prevent chafing on longer runs and leggings that are seamless to prevent rubbing against chaffing during sweaty sessions. Then there’s Asics, a sportswear brand that puts runners first. Its gel-infused shoes are editor-approved and its clothing includes running tights that are seamless to prevent chafing on long races and running jackets that are perfect for marathon training.